The Piano Mill

Personal Work, 2020

The piano mill- Part 1 of 3.
A story inspired by the other-worldly creation of Bruce, Jocelyn, Vanessa and Erik.
The bees left that morning. There wasn’t much we could do. We scrambled, dashing here and there. Grandpa, the dog,mum and dad - we all rushed about madly putting honey out on plates, dribbling it on the shoes by the door. We plucked whatever flowers we could find and covered the house. But still they left, droves and droves floating off in the breeze. The melodic humbuzz of their wings replaced by a cold dreery silence. Our seemingly extravagant offering of sweet treats and pollen of little interest to them. They didn’t even look back. Tails between our legs we went back inside and sat in silence. We had nothing sweet for dessert so I went to sleep in grandpas chair by the window.
No normal evening - the darkness was restless. Was it a hum? Was it a rumble? I can barely remember in my sleepy stupor. My eyes reluctantly peeped open. It was grandpas ear trumpet. The bees gone there was no sound- so he obviously figured he had no need for it. There was nothing to listen to but the wind. But here it was humming. Hum. Hum. Hum. Resonating a quiet deep vibratory symphony as I watched it. Bringing it to my ear, I heard it. The hive. It was the hive.
Hum. Hum. Hum.
A hurried tiptoed flurry, I woke the others, and ear trumpet in hand we set off into the darkness following the sonorous lamentations- the ear trumpet our compass. Into the ghost gum darkness we trudged. Eventually the sound grew our ears twitching as they began to hear it themselves. Hum. Hum. Hum.
Approaching the clearing the dog began to croon nervously. Grandpa sheltered behind a tree- peering out curiously. Awash with light something stood eerily silhouetted in the moonlight. Unlike the trees around it a melodic energy radiated from it. I could feel it in the tree my hands pressed against. Although we couldn’t see them in the darkness we knew they were there, buzzing around in the clearing, the hive jive of countless bees dancing before a lone silhouette.
To be continued...