The Biggles

Personal Work, 2020

Some towns make ships. Other towns make engines. But families in this town are too busy caring for the Biggles. They’re strange and awkward creatures that used to live up in the mountains closer to the stars. Biggles are drawn to light you see, they feed on it. They’d bask in it all night until they’re full. But we soon found them nesting in the town near our street lamps and headlights and they eventually got sick from the artificial light. We tried to nurse them back to health but they were too sick to guide them back up into the hills.
We adopted our biggle when he was one. By the time he was three, it became clear he wasn’t getting enough light so he wasn’t growing.
It was mum’s idea to plant a Lumino tree in the empty lot by our house. Each night I’d guide biggle out to the big wall that warmed up in the sun during the day and leave him there for the night in front of the blossoms.
I’m going to miss him when he goes.