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Bald Eggle

Personal Work, 2020

Right down that dark laneway
Just follow the black cats.
The shop’s tricky to find,
but they like it like that

Well versed in the exotic,
best friends since they were boys.
They’ve a wunderkammer full
of extravagant joys

Not normal shop keepers,
they sell magical wares.
There’s Gifford and then Lloyd,
a mysterious pair

Whatever you might need
they’ve all manner of things.
Dark Lotions, love potions,
Rare birds, precious rings

In their shop window I saw
something truly unique.
An alchemy of sorts,
it was an egg with a beak

Take one dash of eagle
And a sprinkle of egg,
My pet doppelgänger
will cost me an arm and a leg

He’s called a ‘Bald Eggle’
and I love how that sounds.
Balding and friendly with
a huge head that’s quite round

Gifford and Lloyd’s is the
Best emporium there is.
So go in and see them
When life loses its fizz