Immaculate Misconception

Personal Work, 2020

Stories are important to all cultures. I find it fascinating how old stories reappear throughout history. Urban legends, grand epics, verbal histories, questionably truthful tales of time at sea told in hushed voices in the corner of some far-flung pub. We live in an elaborate web of interconnected and borrowed tales. Sometimes people only hear part of a story, and that can change it forever. Last week moose was in his paddock up by the church listening in on the Sunday sermon, but he’s old and can’t hear very well. When I arrived to let them out of the paddock I was shocked by the scene! I asked them what on earth they’d created. Moose answered proudly in his low deep rumbly voice “Dont you recognise the story? It’s the Immaculate Misconception.”
We have an appointment to get Moose a hearing aid next week.